Last week we visited Alhambra. The famous complex build by the Moors in Granada, Andalusia. We had a guided tour that lasted 3 hours. The tour took us along all important parts of Alhambra. Besides the centuries of history, buildings and mosaics, there were gardens everywhere.

We started at the Alcazaba part. We saw beautiful mosaics and learnt of the history of Alhambra. The courtyards were closed in between the different buildings.

Next we visited the Palacios. We learned more about the Islamic and Catholic struggle for dominion over Alhambra. The buildings were bigger and so were the gardens.

After a short break we walked along the gardens of Medina to the other end of the complex. The gardens are 20th century design.

Leaving the walled complex we entered Generalife. This contains the gardens and summer castle. In the gardens they cultivate vegetables, (aromatic) herbs and fruits. According to our excellent guide, Tariq, the oranges are very good for adding a refreshing taste to a pitcher of cool water.


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