Collecting Opuntia seeds

September 2015 we held vacation on the beautiful island of La Palma. Everywhere we went on the island we were accompanied by prickly pears (Opuntia).

Mirador El Time
Mirador El Time


Using a Pringles container to collect some of the ripened pears we went home. After removing the seeds from the fruit, half of them were shortly thrown in boiling water. This is done to remove the gelatinous layer that surrounds them.

Opuntia seeds
Opuntia seeds

After sowing the seeds late September it took around two weeks for the first seedling to sprout.


Sprouting Opuntia seed
Sprouting Opuntia seed

The boiled seeds were sown in the left part of the tray. The other seeds are in the right side. This is the result  by mid December.


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